Question by  duhman (15)

What is the translation of Aequitas Veritas to English?

I believe Aequitas Veritas is a Latin phrase.


Answer by  DamacuCamelii (87)

The correct form of the phrase is "Aequitas et veritas", in translation: "Fairness and truth". These words are also names of Roman deities: Aequitas was the goddess of fair and honest trading, and Veritas was the goddess of truth, one of the most prized Roman virtues. This phrase was used as a motto of the secret order Ordo Aequitas Albion.


Answer by  rubycantfail (74)

It's not a phrase, but rather two separate words (translating roughly to "justice" and "truth"). "Aequitas" implies fairness and balance as well as justice, and it is the root of the modern word "equity. " "Veritas" is both the word for "truth" and the name of the goddess, a daughter of Saturn, who personifies honesty.

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