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Question by  jeans08 (10)

What are "evening ladies?"

Or "ladies of the evening" - what does that mean?


Answer by  Claudius (7)

These terms generally refer to prostitutes, women who engage in sexual acts with men (or women in some cases) in return for money. Also known as "hookers" "call girls" or "members of the world's oldest profession" they are more currently known as "sex workers". Prostitution is illegal in most places, and is often regulated where it is legalized.


Answer by  mturk31459 (72)

Traditionally, ladies of the evening are female prostitutes; generally women willing to sell or trade their "sexual favors" for money or other considerations. Dependent upon where you are, it may be legal or illegal. It's legal in Nevada, USA and regulated. Some places choose instead to make it illegal to pay for prostitution, so buyer beware instead.

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