Question by  lash89 (25)

What is the definition of metabolism?

I hear this word a lot but I do not really know what it means.


Answer by  RA99 (76)

Metabolism is one of many ongoing chemical processes occurring in living organisms. In plants this chemical process is called ''photosynthesis''. In humans, metabolism breaks down the food we eat and obtains energy from it. This energy is then used in our body for other various processes.


Answer by  HH (404)

Metabolism summarizes the chemical reactions that an organism needs to survive. It is composed of catabolism, which is the extraction of energy from a chemical compound (sugar, fat, inorganic compounds by some bacteria) or light (photosynthesis) and use of this energy to build components of cells such as proteins and lipids, which is called anabolism. Metabolism=catabolism + anabolism.

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