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What defines you as a person?

posted by  BabyMamma(34)

Would polar bears eat penguins?

posted by  KElectronics(54)

Can you plant decorative grass in the fall?

posted by  Rosaline(50)

Are there blinders for people to wear?

posted by  CPB(8)

Can our satellites read license plates?

posted by  Vince68(21)

Can a snake and an iguana live together?

posted by  AmazonMTurker(15)

What would cause fingertips to go numb and turn blue?

posted by  wally(39)

Are there black panthers in the wild in Michigan?

posted by  moder(37)

Can any prison get a remission of sentence?

posted by  AManikandan(21)

Is there really a NIMH?

posted by  zimbiez(6)

Can you develop an allergy to the sun?

posted by  RandomDan(489)

Does the county keep mug shots?

posted by  tamajt(8)

Is Singapore is in an earthquake zone?

posted by  sherryk(621)

Can you become your own banker?

posted by  Adelaine(42)

Could I be pregnant if my period has a metallic smell?

posted by  spragoo(1500)

If you were an animal which animal would you be?

posted by  evinrude(16)

Can I put a 60-Watt bulb into a 25-Watt socket?

posted by  Plumeria(22)

Is there such a thing as brown roses?

posted by  Mary95(14)

How far can you tow a front-wheel drive vehicle?

posted by  Roddy66(21)

Where can I find snippets for Visual Studio?

posted by  kousis(1)

Could a 13 week fetus be mistaken for a 19 - 20 week fetus?

posted by  Eli83(2)

Is there any elevation in Florida that is above sea level?

posted by  calebchan(4)

Is there free WiFi in Tel Aviv?

posted by  apple(447)

Can mothers respect women who aren't mothers?

posted by  harry67(53)

Can you safely eat a zombie if you cook it well?

posted by  RaesDad(11)

Can you sue if a 6th grader assaults you ?

posted by  browncarly36(1)

Can I submit an idea to the Converse?

posted by  zero96(2)

Does this shy guy like me or is he just not interested?

posted by  Lolacoyote(64)

How can you become a mermaid?

posted by  notablebabe89(23)

Does the toilet drain lead to a cast iron pipe?

posted by  joespiff(27)

Is it possible for a creatinine level to be zero?

posted by  priscilla(1)

Can chicken make your pee smell?

posted by  harry67(53)

Why haven't aliens come here yet?

posted by  fuzai(2)

Can I smoke catnip?

posted by  SoKrazi(10)

Can we be equal to god?

posted by  Zaftig(8)

Are there any real ninjas in the United States?

posted by  GeneralLee(3)

Is it possible to connect four monitors to one PC?

posted by  mummey(2)

Are you gay?

posted by  ahmed(7)

Can an anaconda swallow a crocodile?

posted by  vivek(31)

Does Medicaid pay for lap band surgery in Illinois?

posted by  lauren29(1)

Are there springs in the floor of the sea?

posted by  leech(1)

Can you hear your own heartbeat on an ultrasound?

posted by  Mysueche77(1)

Can you eat cooked beta fish?

posted by  amw5048(1)

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