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How do doctors hear a fetal heartbeat?

posted by  ktt(355)

Until what age can cats still get pregnant and have kittens?

posted by  Jeff(12)

Can you be pregnant and have a negative home test?

posted by  mookey7(27)

Can women who aren't pregnant lactate?

posted by  bigslowy(16)

What is the recurrence of a blighted ovum in pregnancy?

posted by  Chris11(26)

How do you know how weeks you're pregnant?

posted by  worker5829(219)

What are some childbirth customs in Hinduism?

posted by  willowtree(55)

Can a psychic tell me when I will get pregnant?

posted by  brian0622(32)

What are some issues and symptoms of the third trimester?

posted by  buffo(19)

What color is breast milk?

posted by  mturk79(98)

How do you know when you're close to going into labor?

posted by  rayven8099(199)

Can you have a period during a pregnancy?

posted by  TrishJohnson(67)

Is it possible to become pregnant 3-4 days before my period?

posted by  mema14(15)

Why do people get pregnant at age 14?

posted by  Bostongal1(54)

What is "stripping membranes" in pregnancy?

posted by  worker8274(43)

What are "clomid multiples?"

posted by  scyllatwo(226)

When do you start gaining weight in a pregnancy?

posted by  bap(12)

What is the purpose of the mucous plug?

posted by  sini6a(17)

How can I figure out when I conceived?

posted by  Jdog37(592)

What are the initial signs of pregnancy?

posted by  makeupgirl513(25)

Is fashionista Stacy London pregnant?

posted by  Light61(12)

How can you increase your chances of becoming pregnant?

posted by  Amanda85(17)

What is the best age for becoming pregnant?

posted by  PatrickDMotton(10)

Could I be pregnant if my period has a metallic smell?

posted by  spragoo(1500)

What causes nipple leakage during labor?

posted by  bakerdenn(65)

What does it mean if I can't see my baby during an ultrasound?

posted by  TK(51)

Could a 13 week fetus be mistaken for a 19 - 20 week fetus?

posted by  Eli83(2)

How many weeks is a full term of pregnancy?

posted by  jcortes90(3)

What are the common symptoms of pregnancy?

posted by  mema14(15)

Is it normal to have a sore stomach during pregnancy?

posted by  worker40(9)

How accurate are home pregnancy tests?

posted by  jada(2)

How long before I get a period after removing a Mirena IUD?

posted by  DocZ(47)

Can a woman get pregnant at the age of 60?

posted by  b841b(66)

Why I am hungry early in my pregnancy?

posted by  Crystal(22)

Is it true that your hips get wider after a pregnancy?

posted by  blondone83(1)

How many pregnancies did Marilyn Monroe have?

posted by  Rolf(100)

If my due date is July 13, when did I conceive?

posted by  frankie26(1)

How long do cats stay pregnant?

posted by  elsewhen(627)

Is it safe to go boating while pregnant?

posted by  elsewhen(627)

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