Question by  clorisa (1)

I have had three depo shots and I just switched to a pill called Sprintec. Could i be pregnant?

I have had sex three times now with out a condom.


Answer by  angeldite (70)

It's doubtful that you are pregnant, since you've been on birth control consistently. Certainly your doctor would have warned you of the possibility of getting pregnant if you switched. If you are still worried though, go buy a pregnancy test or go see your doctor. Make 100% sure that you aren't pregnant and that you can't get pregnant.


Answer by  sarah70 (22)

Since neither depo provera nor any birth control pill is 100% effective, it is always possible that you could become pregnant. If there was no break between ending the depo shots and beginning the Sprintec, that chance is greatly reduced. You should take a pregnancy test if to be sure.

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