Question by  willowtree (55)

What are some childbirth customs in Hinduism?

I'd like to learn about any Hindu customs related to pregnancy or childbirth.


Answer by  beck (1099)

During pregnancy there are rites and rituals designed to ensure a healthy child and to keep away the evil eye and other bad influences. At birth something made of gold, like a ring or spoon, is covered with ghee or a sweet and placed on the infant's lips.


Answer by  tamkees (3203)

The word for "speech" is whispered three time into the baby's right ear. A honey-dipped spoon or ring is touched to the baby's lips before the cord is cut.


Answer by  chuchi (26)

Once you are pregnant our parents and in-laws together will perform a function which is for wellwishing the baby inside along with the parents.After child is born we will perform a function called naming cermony where we will name the baby and will place the baby first time in the cradle.


Answer by  soniya (22)

Some of them: Naming ceremony of the child, Mother and child wear a black dot to stay away from evils,possibly the first child is born at the womans maternal house.

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