Question by  elsewhen (627)

Is it safe to go boating while pregnant?

Does it matter how far along in the pregnancy you are?


Answer by  lynn (821)

I went boating while i was pregnant at about 8 months. I asked my doctor if it was ok and he said he would prefer I didn't but that if I wanted to do it there was no way he could stop me from going.


Answer by  DrPill (24)

It depends on the boating conditions. The main thing you would need to worry about is putting far too much stress on the child. It would be perfectly safe to go boating if you are in a well padded seat, low to no wake (waves), and low speeds. If you can fulfill that, boating should be less stress than walking.


Answer by  lea (68)

As long as your not out jumping waves in the ocean, yes it should be perfectly safe to go boating during your pregnancy. Take all the normal steps to protect yourself. Stay seated when the boat is in motion, so you ensure you don't stumble. Take your cell phone or other communication in case you need it.


Answer by  Anonymous

no it not that bad

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