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What are some pranks people play online?

posted by  superwhites(220)

How does someone become a comedian?

posted by  kimborino(17)

Do you tell jokes to relieve fear and anxiety?

posted by  jackburton(21)

What are some good jokes for a best man speech?

posted by  Carlos54(4)

What are some hilarious one liners?

posted by  Greg(18)

What are some funny insults?

posted by  sonaliraghunathan(25)

What is the worlds saddest candy?

posted by  nietzsche(15)

What is a funny retirement joke?

posted by  cloud1st(2)

What is a good source of some really lame jokes?

posted by  Destiany(107)

What are some good Valentine jokes?

posted by  kish2554(33)

How do you explain tennis rules in a funny way?

posted by  olive49(424)

How original is the stuff on "funnyjunk"?

posted by  Meg55(94)

How should I practice stand up comedy routines?

posted by  sreekar(22)

What are some good wedding jokes?

posted by  FishyFoo(135)

What is a clean joke for a family event?

posted by  redman(33)

Can a person learn to write jokes?

posted by  Josh80(7)

Did anybody believe the Bonsai Kitten hoax?

posted by  notyourgirlfriend(41)

What's a funny thing to say in a 40th birthday card?

posted by  haze(14)

How do I submit jokes to Leno, Letterman, or Kimmel?

posted by  GregNelson(1)

What are some funny t-shirt designs?

posted by  freyafreay(76)

Do stand-up comedians use scripts?

posted by  A22(40)

What are some tasteful jokes for a retirement party?

posted by  asshaka(8)

What are some gag gifts you can make yourself?

posted by  iamapineapple(17)

How do rednecks layout their MySpace pages?

posted by  worker6088(13)

What is some humorous marriage advice?

posted by  Brit(19)

What are some examples of humor from the Bible?

posted by  Redline(38)

Can you learn to be funny?

posted by  Britney(17)

What are some funny things to say in a 21st birthday card?

posted by  trina(132)

What are some good April Fools Day pranks?

posted by  rycar(20)

What are some good user names?

posted by  droford(53)

What are all the comedy clubs in NYC?

posted by  danceur(210)

What are some good jokes about pastors?

posted by  dogownernj(82)

Why are there so many dumb blond jokes?

posted by  akh(45)

What are some good Auburn-Alabama jokes?

posted by  VB(361)

What is considered redneck humor?

posted by  MikeyRickets90(6)

What are some funny things to do at school?

posted by  Kris(797)

What is an example of military humor?

posted by  Mark88(38)

What's a good gag gift?

posted by  jakester54(54)

What are funny random questions for a High School Yearbook?

posted by  dc2010(7)

What is the "I turn polar bears white" riddle?

posted by  Bob20(16)

How do you write a joke?

posted by  sheeba(22)

What are some unique Knock, Knock, who is there jokes?

posted by  jumbledjava(71)

Can you solve this riddle, What falls but never breaks?

posted by  Bean(21)

What are some good pastor jokes?

posted by  vasu(10)

What are some good jokes about leaving a job?

posted by  zoid(49)

What are some jokes about turning 25?

posted by  blago(40)

What is a good word that will make people laugh?

posted by  mchc(5)

Can I have a list of jokes that girls really like??

posted by  ghjfgklhbj(18)

Can you send me some jokes associated with Toledo Ohio?

posted by  berwynbob(49)

What starts with a T ends with a T and is full of T?

posted by  Exene(18)

What is the funniest joke that you know?

posted by  futbol22(16)

What is a funny rabbi joke?

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