Question by  jackburton (21)

Do you tell jokes to relieve fear and anxiety?


Answer by  Jen99 (416)

Not to relieve fear and anxiety but to make myself feel better in times that I am down. And there not really jokes more like insults. But To relieve fear and anxiety i read books and paint. That seems to really help me. But I do not that some people use jokes to relieve fear.


Answer by  jossf3d (258)

We all do. That's why there are so many, and funny, jokes about marriage, death, and other such similar disasters.


Answer by  JRossi17 (788)

I tell jokes to relieve stress and anxiety at work, also to entertain people and keep work as interesting as possible.


Answer by  visira779 (269)

Yes, I usually tell jokes to relieve my fear and anxiety. Telling jokes keeps my mind preoccupied and it makes me forget about my worries and fears. It makes me feel at ease so that I won't be scared or feel overwhelmed. I enjoy telling jokes to relieve my anxiety and fear.

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