Question by  geocacher (22)

Where can I find some good ideas for practical jokes and pranks?

I want to get read for April Fools' Day.


Answer by  Kit (558)

The Internet is the best source. All you need is to use one of your favorite search engines for a search results. Second, you could try visiting book libraries


Answer by  MrsSmith (31)

I always look to tv shows and movies for ideas for prank and jokes, they are always funny and already show you how to set everything up! I have successfully pulled many a pranks that i have seen on tv already and afterwards you can blame the prank on the tv or movie and say it made you do it!


Answer by  esquisitepetal (65)

The internet is a great place to find some practical jokes and pranks. Start with a browser, type practical jokes and pranks. Start checking your results and you will locate some great ideas to make your April Fools' Day fun!


Answer by  eyeguy (3760)

the best practical joke is designed with a persons specific fears in mind. Classic pranks such as spiders hung from the ceiling never fail

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