Question by  wanda (58)

What are some funny awards that we can give out at Senior graduation?

I need a list of awards that we can give to the graduating seniors.


Answer by  AnnSir (106)

Consider an award for the student who has the most junk in their locker. Other students could vote for the winner. An award for the student most likely to break something would also be funny. Think of things that can be broken; bones, science lab beakers, records.


Answer by  MrsSmith (31)

Senior most likely to end up working at Mcdonalds. Senior most likely to end up with illegitiment children. Senior most likely to end up working at the play boy masion.


Answer by  Anonymous

my boyfriend and i won the jersey shore couple award for having the most fights


Answer by  esquisitepetal (65)

Senior graduation is a great time to give out awards to seniors for their unique contributions to their class. Choose a browser and type awards for senior graduation. Read through your results and you will have some great ideas in no time. Even if you don't like all the suggestions they should spark ideas for your own awards.

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