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What are some good hiking books?

posted by  Christoph(56)

What is "Passages" by Gail Sheehy about?

posted by  floodout(27)

What is the book No Promises in the Wind about?

posted by  ness(45)

How many Little Critters books have been written?

posted by  nits84(2)

What kind of animal is Baloo in "The Jungle Book"?

posted by  CherylDube(10)

What age range is "Number the Stars" by Lois Lowry for?

posted by  varocketry(10)

How much is Spider-Man issue 1 worth?

posted by  LGirl(56)

What are some humorous novels?

posted by  smartgirl(51)

Did someone write a Bob Hope biography?

posted by  ExWildChild(19)

Can you get free auto repair manuals?

posted by  ppisklak(33)

What was the 6th "Harry Potter" book?

posted by  BrokenWits(382)

What is "The Rose Crystal Bell"?

posted by  mtolivo(16)

Why did Kubler Ross write "On Death and Dying"?

posted by  Gabrielle(66)

When was "Trickster's Queen" written?

posted by  AtlantaGal(33)

Who has written a decent Giorgio Armani biography?

posted by  frailheart(31)

Who wrote the "Wuthering Heights" book?

posted by  hardickvora(12)

Is the "Big Book of Buds" about flowers?

posted by  jennifer41(41)

Where can I find some good memorial poems?

posted by  Lizzie14(82)

What is iambic pentameter?

posted by  chelsea(20)

What is the quintessential Jim Thorpe biography?

posted by  tasneem(22)

What are some must-read classic books?

posted by  PainterLady(42)

What does "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" teach kids?

posted by  mike62(2)

What does the Bible say about homosexuality?

posted by  squiffy(130)

What were some popular Science fiction novels from the 1960's?

posted by  em(201)

Who owns Borders book stores?

posted by  manager(7)

Where can I find used Abeka books?

posted by  webguy(117)

Where in the bible do they discuss Jehosphaphat?

posted by  Angel(44)

If you're Muslim, do you have to memorize the Quran?

posted by  CareyA(41)

Who is Dorothea Benton Frank?

posted by  riny01(81)

Who wrote the Old Testament in the Bible?

posted by  Liz50(2)

How do you get a copy of a driver's ed book?

posted by  beantastic(19)

Were there dinosaurs in the Bible?

posted by  Naresh(31)

Is there such a thing as a succubus bible?

posted by  ajay(15)

What is "Among the Betrayed" about?

posted by  fatherpaul(36)

Is there a book from the "Independence Day" movie?

posted by  bimc(24)

How many books has Ron Hubbard written?

posted by  texasjd(19)

What are some really good books about spells and curses?

posted by  kathy87(8)

What are some good old Cherokee tales?

posted by  PietHeemskerk(133)

Is there a good biography about the explorer Henry Hudson?

posted by  etexas(19)

What is multicultural literature?

posted by  mchellin78(47)

Is there a blue book for boats?

posted by  OceanTiara27(158)

When did Stephen King write "Christine"?

posted by  momak42yahoocom(17)

Is there a Kiss comic book?

posted by  Josh87(29)

What are some neat ideas for a guest book?

posted by  Xerxes187(15)

Is there a book called "A Walk to Remember"?

posted by  lida(13)

Who wrote "The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat"?

posted by  Chris41(152)

What are some good books for young children?

posted by  zippy82(2)

How do you memorize the books of the Bible?

posted by  jessica79(61)

What is the best Jean Auel book?

posted by  Tom44(8)

What does 1 Corinthians 14:34 say?

posted by  lilraesdad(41)

How does Bible study make you a bond-servant?

posted by  morgdl(42)

What are the seven books missing from the Protestant Bible?

posted by  murker(11)

Where can you get discount textbooks?

posted by  cluber(37)

Who was Aragon in Lord of the Rings?

posted by  Gretchin(352)

Is "Baretleby" a book by Melville?

posted by  gina89(16)

Who were the parents of moses?

posted by  thebigtymer(37)

What are the holy books in Buddhism?

posted by  worker12(293)

Is "Facing the Giants" a true story?

posted by  BoBanda(24)

What is a short summary of "A Time to Kill"?

posted by  GiorgioSironi(24)

What is a good biography of Disney?

posted by  worker1277(33)

What information needs to be left in a wedding guest book?

posted by  xtophyr(50)

Why are comics so violent?

posted by  dali(2)

How do I get my book made into a movie?

posted by  jody(18)

Who added the pre-rapture to the Bible?

posted by  mynameisglory(61)

Is "From Beyond the Grave" a true story?

posted by  mike45(40)

Can I color my own comics?

posted by  andyburr(47)

Is there a Satanic Bible?

posted by  Scook9989(43)

How many 5-string banjo tab books would you need?

posted by  yummypapaya(12)

Who wrote "Why We Want You to be Rich"?

posted by  peter73(6)

Why is Pat Gaudette considered an expert book writer?

posted by  DGrinn(25)

What is the process of outlining a novel?

posted by  Majique(26)

What can you tell me about the book The DiVinci Code?

posted by  tarun(20)

Is there more than one kind of auto blue book?

posted by  KremarMonBaniago(21)

What is the legend of Wonder Woman?

posted by  jjh(21)

Is BookAdventure a good way to get kids to read?

posted by  twinkleyes(131)

What are some good Bible verses for children?

posted by  sasi(39)

Is "The DaVinci Code" plagiarized?

posted by  Amanda81(24)

Is there a biography of Spike Lee?

posted by  Buzz67(6)

What is "The Mastery of Love" about?

posted by  Luluhunter(26)

Who carries a book of Disney Babies coloring pages?

posted by  deepakkumar(2)

What's a good guide to setting up an aquarium?

posted by  MK51(4)

Is there a CNA study guide that's good?

posted by  Totti(47)

Where can I get 2000 AD comics?

posted by  Darkcrystal24(19)

What was Shel Silverstein's best book?

posted by  varex(330)

What is "Pale Fire" about?

posted by  Ramya(27)

What are the best John Le Carre books?

posted by  aggiegal(41)

What book is a good guide for an outdoorsman?

posted by  MTurk87(39)

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