Questions and Answers About: car repairs

What could be causing a gas leak from a tailpipe?

posted by  MrPKitty(329)

Why do I have to pump my brakes?

posted by  kasen(46)

Why would an exhaust manifold crack in a 22r engine?

posted by  Siryippity(19)

What is the average cost of an auto repair?

posted by  Marc44(34)

Where can I find Jeep wiring harnesses?

posted by  Gilda(113)

How do I do a Nissan Pathfinder's fan belt replacement?

posted by  questing(16)

How do I remove the dash in a GMC Envoy?

posted by  schilke(22)

What can you tell me about Toyota brake lights replacement?

posted by  racool(57)

What can you tell me about automobile headliner repair?

posted by  Lynette54(13)

Where is the idle screw in a Cadillac Seville?

posted by  Moi(88)

On a Buick LeSabre, how do I replace an ignition module?

posted by  Jeannie28(33)

What is the Chevy Blazer's thermostat location?

posted by  Lee67(43)

How much does it cost to replace the ignition?

posted by  worker95(16)

How do I replace the front brakes on a Hyundai Elantra?

posted by  sue21(62)

How do I install a rotor on a Ford Escape?

posted by  cuteangel79(57)

Can a loose fan belt cause a ringing noise?

posted by  SoccerIsLife(25)

How do you remove a modulator valve?

posted by  BubbaGump71(21)

How much does it cost to repair an exhaust leak?

posted by  DW66(44)

How do you get a replacement exhaust pipe?

posted by  Tim(16)

Where can I find a fuse diagram for a Monte Carlo?

posted by  DrMom(854)

How do you replace a carburetor?

posted by  tooster89(16)

Can I repair rusty car panels on my own?

posted by  johnsbeth(15)

What can I do about excessive towing charges?

posted by  trodgers(20)

How do you get rusted brake drums off a car?

posted by  kasen(46)

How do you replace a Saturn VUE 02 sensor?

posted by  JulieT44(12)

What do I do about my dodge neon; the sunroof won't close?

posted by  ash0608(7)

On a Blazer, what is the fuel pump location?

posted by  daPaco(13)

What should I do if there is oil in my spark plugs?

posted by  silenceinspace(21)

How do I hook up a tach in a Ranger 2.3?

posted by  John96(21)

My car won't start. Could it be a timing chain problem?

posted by  jrrera(19)

How can I go about adjusting the governor on a BMW?

posted by  kdwesner(18)

My Dodge transmission is slipping. What should I do?

posted by  BigVinceG(13)

Do Bosch brake pads have ABS?

posted by  Ashley(39)

How do you fix a manual car window that won't roll up?

posted by  Peg(459)

Why is my Escort's shifter stuck?

posted by  jerome(15)

Where can I find parts for a 97 Mustang?

posted by  Araema(22)

Is it difficult to replace a catalytic converter?

posted by  GreenSpider(79)

How do you troubleshoot a transmission?

posted by  fwliong(7)

What could be the cause of a radiator hose collapse?

posted by  frankie(13)

What mileage should struts be replaced on a car or truck?

posted by  msekar(15)

How do I repair a 1996 Mazda clutch?

posted by  Mike53(25)

Can you repair a broken anti theft key?

posted by  Katrinanicole(15)

What should I know about my Nissan Z24 timing?

posted by  alan(19)

What can you tell me about a Nissan NX2000 clutch repair?

posted by  Caleb(18)

Where can I find a Porsche 944 cooling fan relay?

posted by  lilminx(15)

What are the steps to replace a car starter?

posted by  bx(12)

What are the steps to replace Subaru brakes?

posted by  Melissa101010(4405)

Why does my transmission stick?

posted by  illdoit(13)

How do you fix a gear shift cover?

posted by  lsubash2(18)

Where is a truck's U-joint?

posted by  amgall(39)

How do I do a clutch adjustment for a Chevy S10?

posted by  Tabatha(440)

How do I remove the heater core from a Chevy S-10?

posted by  Rachel94(15)

Where is the fuel filter located in a 1997 Mercury Tracer?

posted by  mtkwk(30)

Why is my engine tapping?

posted by  Rengarajan(18)

Can an auto repair school give me auto repair help?

posted by  Bethany(28)

Can you get a replacement gas tank?

posted by  Libster(15)

How do I know when shocks go bad and need to be replaced?

posted by  damitboy48(3)

At what mileage do you replace Nissasn plug wires?

posted by  questing(16)

Why does my car have a burnt oil smell?

posted by  viveksubba(23)