Questions and Answers About: car repairs

How do I repair link pins on my car?

posted by  asmith6815(22)

How do I fix an ECU problem on my car?

posted by  sabertoothardvark(66)

How do I fix transmission problems on my car?

posted by  kaf2050(94)

How do you change a lower intake manifold?

posted by  ashajohnson(19)

How do you convert an HEI ignition to a standard ignition?

posted by  Jackie17(83)

How do you remove rotors on a Honda Element?

posted by  Anders(30)

What is causing problems with remote starts in my Ford Taurus?

posted by  Che(425)

How do I repair a Honda hood cable that is broken?

posted by  Cakes(19)

How do you change an ignition actuator in a Ford?

posted by  MicheleJ(50)

How do I replace a fuel tank air filter?

posted by  Grd(14)

What's a good primer base coat for a urethane bumper?

posted by  Caitlin(52)

How do I replace the fiberglass hood on my car?

posted by  Phil97(569)

How do you take off a door panel of a Buick Park Avenue?

posted by  maria(18)

How do you reset a Taurus remote?

posted by  crazyxxme(108)

How do you replace the radiator on a Caravan?

posted by  me40(43)

How do you replace a Ford Ranger timing belt?

posted by  jaclark586(359)

How much is a new motor for a Ford Taurus?

posted by  nerdgirl(78)

How do I calibrate a steering angle senor on my car?

posted by  Jonie(117)

Where are the ignition switch gauges for the Chrysler Concord?

posted by  Tam(24)

Why is my Infiniti J30 overheating?

posted by  esthete22(18)

How do you remove the automatic transmission?

posted by  ejkudelka(76)

How do you replace a Lumina engine?

posted by  DeveloperMainiac(15)

How do you adjust a headlight on a Dodge Caravan?

posted by  barefoot60(44)

Can you tell me how to replace Dodge Dakota heater core?

posted by  hlb9600(31)

What is involved with a GMC s15 bypass valve replacement?

posted by  Tessa68(51)

Who do I contact for repair of a Mazda b2200?

posted by  Allfyb(72)

How do you replace a Range Rover light?

posted by  worker4161(16)

Where is the thermostat location in a Lexus ES300?

posted by  mandy1975(17)

How do you remove the engine in a GEO Metro?

posted by  LaNa20(6)

How can I disarm the kill switch on my car?

posted by  Kelcie(28)

What body repairs can you do yourself?

posted by  JDX(133)

Where can I find a Ford Ranger front differential vent?

posted by  Ravenxol(14)

How do I replace the oil pump in a Taurus 30.0?

posted by  Mudge(33)

Why is my RevTech 88 motor backfiring?

posted by  choctaw(361)

How do I do poppet valve cleaning?

posted by  Treeteller(152)

How do you replace a Taurus radiator?

posted by  gardengirl(67)

How do you replace the transmission on a Chevy Lumina?

posted by  markemark(34)

How do you replace the heat sync in a Nissan Pathfinder?

posted by  jane21(22)

How do you replace a passenger mirror on a car?

posted by  peanuts(43)

How do I replace a 1994 Saturn SC engine?

posted by  izzabizzal(58)

How do you replace the wheel bearings on a 2002 L200?

posted by  lovehuskies(43)

How do you replace a starter on a Chevy S 10?

posted by  worker4028(8)

How do you change the pinion seal on a Ford F150?

posted by  arainey(49)

How do you adjust the brake light switch on a Jeep?

posted by  jj49(19)

How should I troubleshoot my 1997 GMC 1500 that won't start?

posted by  Laura(17)

How do you repair a Ford factory cd changer?

posted by  dgguy2006(20)

How do I replace a Suzuki clutch cable?

posted by  cathoderaytube(109)

What is the proper setting for a Dodge Ram fan intermittent?

posted by  Angela(36)

How can I repair the thermostat in my car?

posted by  Lili(37)

How do you install a crankshaft sensor?

posted by  PS(31)

How do you replace the heater core in a Ford Taurus?

posted by  tom96(95)

What is your experience dealing with YearOne Car Parts?

posted by  Joanne74(6)

How do I change a Ford Escape bad coolant sensor?

posted by  luscious(22)

Where is the idle air control located on a Dodge Stratus?

posted by  Nisha79(22)

How do I replace the coolant temperature sensor?

posted by  vin(13)

Can you tell me how to change battery cables?

posted by  Deb43(579)

How do you fix a hydraulic control valve in a tractor?

posted by  SeanDoutlick(8)

How do I rebuild a starter clutch?

posted by  Bonnie(89)

What should the spark plug gap be set to for a small engine?

posted by  SD(54)

What is making my transmission give off a clicking noise?

posted by  fait7799(20)

How do I replace a distributor in a GM pick-up?

posted by  tweek(24)

Where is the regulator in a Honda CB500?

posted by  tarvold(23)

How can I obtain my keycode for my Ford excursion?

posted by  Dukeis(22)

Can I change my own Winnebago tires?

posted by  pszajna(18)

What is the right way to remove a car seat in a Cavalier?

posted by  ra(25)

How do I change the oil in a Chevy Colorado?

posted by  peregra(23)

Can you compare a Honda CV Boot versus a split boot repair?

posted by  jones27(11)

How can you reduce the gvwr on a truck?

posted by  Majique(26)

Can you tell me how to bleed a Dodge 3500?

posted by  vera0514(26)

How do you diagnose what's wrong with a car?

posted by  davidraja(10)

How do you recharge the A/C system in a GMC Sonoma?

posted by  spencer46(29)

Can you tell me how to test a Dodge Caravan's EGR sensor?

posted by  Gixugif(16)

What can I do about undercarriage damage?

posted by  sandshire(20)

How can I change my spark plugs?

posted by  Anonymous