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Is the Krups 4-slice toaster good?

posted by  MelissaJ(13)

What is the "Back to Basic" toaster?

posted by  worker4452(80)

Does De Longhi make toaster ovens with special features?

posted by  mjl10(282)

How do you get a microhood combination repaired?

posted by  feduo8(25)

How do you find the best prices on appliances?

posted by  HealthMonkey(22)

Why is my water heater beeping?

posted by  Julie2428(1)

Can small engines be ruined by gasoline?

posted by  poolsk8ter77(32)

On my Kenmore refrigerator, how do I fix the seals?

posted by  Anna22(23)

What should I do if my GE refrigerator is too cold?

posted by  cindystoufflet(24)

How do I get mold out of the dryer?

posted by  jdw(11)

What are the best ventilation systems for a flat roof?

posted by  Lesley(32)

Why did my refrigerator/freezer stop working?

posted by  LuvDogs(10)

How do you fix an oven clock?

posted by  Kriten(13)

How can I get melted plastic out of my oven?

posted by  sarah87(8)

Is there such a thing as front-loading dryers?

posted by  wildcat(9)

Who makes the Maycor brand?

posted by  catlyke(30)

Are Bosch appliances good?

posted by  jimmy31(89)

How do you fix a refrigerator?

posted by  Dan18(32)

How do you troubleshoot a Whirlpool front-loader?

posted by  linda40(41)

Do Hampton Bay fans come with remotes?

posted by  hernando(30)

How do you replace a dishwasher's door panel?

posted by  saraphillips(268)

Should I get a double oven?

posted by  sharyl55(19)

Does LG make a steam washer?

posted by  SoccerIsLife(25)

Is there such a things as a hair dryer holder?

posted by  youngdreamer(16)

Can regular people buy a Keurig B100?

posted by  user74(33)

What do you think of the Fiesta gas grill?

posted by  cathy74(4)

Is there such a thing as a countertop convection oven?

posted by  selvarajan(71)

Does Braun make razors?

posted by  zig(7)

Does Consumer Reports ever do a piece on electric razors?

posted by  laa1(16)

What kind of filter goes into a Honeywell Air Purifier?

posted by  Naresh(31)

What are the features on a Hamilton Beach Wavestation Blender?

posted by  arun(26)

Are there machines specifically designed for hemming?

posted by  philedelphia(13)

How are front-load washers better than top-load washers?

posted by  carhs(63)

How do you properly load a dishwasher?

posted by  andyborchers(19)

Does GE make a good steam iron?

posted by  ZaphodBeeblebrox(14)

Should I get an electric range?

posted by  fd1000(37)

What is the purpose of a 3-door refrigerator?

posted by  jens(40)

What is the smallest size of washing machine?

posted by  prahlad(28)

Do all irons have an automatic shut-off?

posted by  bcs(65)

What do the different blender speeds do?

posted by  mturk79(98)

How do you set the clock on a Sharp microwave?

posted by  tania99(2)

Can you still get an Epilady?

posted by  OnlineDoctor(23)

Who makes a good 2-burner gas cooktop?

posted by  danni(17)

What is a Panasonic personal groomer?

posted by  TonyAnderson(20)

Does Cuisinart make a panini press?

posted by  mammakat(11147)

What are dehydrators used for?

posted by  chilli(126)

Does a Villaware waffle iron make a good waffle?

posted by  Angel4true(38)

What is a "small wall" oven?

posted by  jkjk19(134)

What are some common Frigidaire problems and complaints?

posted by  pebbles40(6)

Is it safe to by a used gas grill?

posted by  Kelso(16)

Where can I find washer reviews?

posted by  lala83(89)

Does Bosch make a good washer?

posted by  bigreddog(83)

How do you troubleshoot a Frigidaire washing machine?

posted by  ehessig(75)

Can you get a Maytag washer repair manual?

posted by  anastasia(21)

What are some good retro appliances?

posted by  andegwa(26)

Does Bosch make a decent range?

posted by  rocs(53)

How big is the Proctor and Silex crock pot?

posted by  shari(52)

Does Sunbeam make an electric blanket?

posted by  jimmy31(89)

What do the ratings on gas grills mean?

posted by  Jeek(28)

How hot does a waffle iron get?

posted by  sahil(15)

How do the different bread machines compare?

posted by  newuser(49)

Are Neptune washers good?

posted by  altdrumz(40)

Is a Panasonic shaver pain-free?

posted by  wnkender(33)

How do you use a Braun Tassimo?

posted by  jegan76(14)

Is the Eureka Quick-Up good for pet hair?

posted by  BrTaylor(51)

How do I test a defrost coil on a Maytag side-by-side?

posted by  lawsj12(34)

How do I choose when I'm buying a sewing machine?

posted by  LC33(34)

How do you repair a Kitchenaid refrigerator?

posted by  pandaqueen(10)

What is a "fresh" refrigerator?

posted by  EarlOfSandwich(177)

Does a Husky Power Washer work?

posted by  Traci(55)

What digital appliances does Black and Decker make?

posted by  varex(330)

Is there a store that sells washing machine manuals?

posted by  sai(44)

How do you know which setting to use on a clothing iron?

posted by  AKM79(330)

What is a "Flavorwave" oven?

posted by  harry75(41)

What is a pump espresso machine?

posted by  Abaddon(82)

What is your opinion of a Maytag Performa?

posted by  DSCruse(7)

How do toasters work?

posted by  Julie92(99)

Does Dirt Devil make the best cordless vacuum?

posted by  mama86(245)

Can you get a 5-quart mixer?

posted by  jyh634(157)

How do you choose a coffee grinder?

posted by  chrishan(9)

How do you install a gas range?

posted by  gonk(13)

What is a "drawer dishwasher"?

posted by  Sam89(22)

How does a waffle baker work?

posted by  jcm(117)

Does Kitchenaid make a flat beater?

posted by  Sidhe(8)

How did George Foreman create the Grilling Machine?

posted by  purplestar(8)

When was the freezer invented?

posted by  joebigggs09(11)

What are the different types of palate expanders?

posted by  sonny23(16)

What is a good high-efficiency water heater?

posted by  AlexTheGreat(25)

How do you hook up a refrigerator water dispenser?

posted by  Ruby40(372)

Can I vent a dryer through a window?

posted by  worker(9)

What is "GE Select"?

posted by  Kay98(27)

Should I get an electric turkey roaster for my husband?

posted by  brianna(24)

Is there such a thing as a countertop dishwasher?

posted by  GeorgeJung(33)

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