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Can you recommend other books like The Outsiders?

posted by  Caryn(36)

What are the most popular books of all time?

posted by  viperguy1(2)

What is bad about the Kindle?

posted by  jlaird(190)

Who wrote "Ten Kids, No Pets?"

posted by  vsgunnam(222)

Is Harry Potter Book 7 worth reading?

posted by  rita(25)

Is "Blubber" by Judy Blume a good book for a nine-year old?

posted by  Katie(92)

What are some good research topics in elementary reading?

posted by  vlado(27)

Is there a biography about Caleb Bradham?

posted by  Jeff44(19)

How do you go about teaching a 3 year old to read?

posted by  frogie(86)

Was "The Last Dive" first a story in a magazine?

posted by  oohahh(37)

Where can I find a collection of short story summaries?

posted by  Chris18(10)

Where do I write to get free copies of old AR tests?

posted by  Kurt(4579)

How can I test better when reading comprehension passages?

posted by  LanDroid(75)

What poem has the line "dried rowan berries entwine"?

posted by  squeezius(20)

What all is involved in septic tank cleanout?

posted by  kmaslowski(53)

How should I set up the analysis of a short story?

posted by  squiffy(130)

Directed Reading Thinking Activity (DRTA) used in all schools?

posted by  t56(143)

What are some good questions for a book report?

posted by  Deem(199)

What age group is "Imani, All Mine" intended for?

posted by  SurR(103)

What is the reading order of dune books?

posted by  fsufashionista(25)

What are ways to celebrate Read across America?

posted by  CrystalEg(500)

How many words per minute should a fourth grader read?

posted by  cm(23)

Who wrote the book "The Minutemen and Their World"?

posted by  karate(24)

What are some good reading comprehension lesson plans?

posted by  lostintexas(17)

Can you provide me a quote that contains a quote?

posted by  jackson(75)

What is the fable behind the genie granting three wishes?

posted by  sporky(16)

Can you suggest the title of some mother-daughter poems?

posted by  Kial10(20)

How does Braille reading work?

posted by  pcguy(307)

What are some good elementary reading strategies?

posted by  Kesha(28)

Is there a secret to unscrambling words?

posted by  jsmith96(9)

What is a good comic book to read if I am new to comics?

posted by  Anonymous

What magazines do you take with you on a long flight?

posted by  elsewhen(627)