Question by  Deem (199)

What are some good questions for a book report?


Answer by  kph0329 (637)

Who is the author of the book? Is the book a work of fiction or factual? What is the book about? Who are the main characters in the book?


Answer by  cafish (2035)

What is the title? Who is the author? Who are the main characters? What is the plot of the book? What have you learned from the book?


Answer by  Marie (778)

You could ask if the reader could imagine a different ending for the book, or to describe the life of one of the characters. You could ask the reader about the author's style.


Answer by  keelagodrino (57)

Does this book show a conflict arising from Man vs. Man, Man vs. Nature, or neither? Give examples to support your response.

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