Question by  Jeff44 (19)

Is there a biography about Caleb Bradham?

He invented Pepsi-Cola.


Answer by  Jesse26 (57)

Unfortunately, no full length biographies have been written about Caleb Bradham to date. The earliest event recorded in his life (after his birth in 1867) is of Bradham enrolling in 1886 at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, soon after attending the University of Maryland School of Medicine. Hopefully more will surface through historians.


Answer by  infamous (9)

Yes, the book "Twelve Full Ounces-The story of Pepsi-Cola" is a biography of Caleb Bradham and it is written by author Milward Martin.


Answer by  patti (29325)

There is a book entitled "Twelve Full Ounces-The story of Pepsi-Cola" by Milward Martin. It is not an official bio of Bradham, but it has lot of info about him.


Answer by  Daniell (160)

There doesn't exist a full biography of Caleb Bradhman. However, the book "Twelve Full Ounces-The story of Pepsi-Cola", by Milward Martin, has a lot of info about him

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