Question by  kmaslowski (53)

What all is involved in septic tank cleanout?

We're buying a house. The inspector said I have to get a septic tank cleanout.


Answer by  AmosPressley (95)

Septic tank cleanout is simple. Take the concrete cover off and remove the waste that the bacteria could not break down. You can do it yourself with a bucket, but it is NOT recommended. Disposing of the stuff is a major environmental headache! The professionals have trucks with hoses that suck the sewage out, and they handle the disposal.


Answer by  stinkymess (310)

Septic tanks are very expensive to up keep. If you have to clean a clog it can cost six thousand dollars. Locate the tank spot. You will then need to dig up that area of your yard as deep as six to eight feet. Then crack open the tank and lines to find the clog.


Answer by  Sara54 (35)

A septic tank clean out refers to having someone out to remove all of the refuse from your septic system and putting it back in operational service.


Answer by  JohnHolmes (2660)

This involves a company coming out and removing all of the contents from the septic system and restoring it to a new condition.

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