Question by  frogie (86)

How do you go about teaching a 3 year old to read?

I am sure my 3 year old is ready to read.


Answer by  zephyr (32)

Preschoolers learn best by being involved in play--they have a very short attention span and formal lessons may well lead to frustration for both you and your child. Provide a stimulating environment with books, games, and puzzles, and read to your child to help develop their emerging vocabulary.


Answer by  Zoe (2369)

There are a number of ways from educational videos to just manual instructions. Teach him or her the alphabet first. I recommend getting alphabet magnets and teaching him slowly what sound each letter makes. Once he has that down, introduce him to a book and teach him to "sound out" the words in the books.


Answer by  Milette (1105)

Purchase an easy book such as Set 1 Beginning Readers from Bob Books. Find a comfortable reading place. Determine a daily reading time. Show your child the book and read it to him/her, using finger to track words as you read. Ask child to repeat words.


Answer by  MelindaS (1694)

Begin by teaching your child the letters and sounds (starting with vowels), and then go from there to learning blends (l-a, la, etc. ). From there, teach short words.

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