Question by  LanDroid (75)

How can I test better when reading comprehension passages?

I never do well on comprehension.


Answer by  tazgirl (11)

Testing better on reading comprehension requires underlining ideas, quotes, or any information that may seem important. Also taking practice test can help you get a better understanding of the test and where you need to improve. Learning to find the important ideas or information in the text a very important part of being able to past the test.


Answer by  Mo44 (25)

You should look at the questions first before reading the passage. Having specific questions in your head lets you focus on what you need to know in the passage.


Answer by  sailoryue (853)

personally i never do well on R & C myself. its always hard especially when the story they give you is boring and doesnt capture your attention. best thing you can do really is to read the questions first, then read the passage, then go back and try to answer.


Answer by  Lisa50 (493)

When you are doing comprehension on tests, it is important to keep an oen mind. You should read the text and try to understand it in order to pass the test. Ask yourself, what's going on with this passage, what is the hidden meaning? If you make it a habit doing that, you will have a better understanding.

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