Question by  t56 (143)

Directed Reading Thinking Activity (DRTA) used in all schools?

I never heard of it until we moved and started in a new school system.


Answer by  HelenaAnneValentine (17)

Well DRTA is similar to other reading programs such as in other countries (eg: SSR Sustained silent reading) It is just a different approach to helping the process of kids learning how to read with confidence and capability. They also make the student think about what they are reading and make an informed decision about it.


Answer by  TV (305)

No. Each school district evaluates many curriculums for each subject area before deciding on which program to purchase and use. Each school district has state guidelines by which to follow when choosing curriculum.


Answer by  mascota (639)

A good idea for children who have already mastered the basic art of reading, have been taught phonics and can successfully decode unfamiliar words in the text. Direct Reading Thinking Activity helps to promote a child's thinking skills and encourages children to use their imagination. Whether it's beneficial in every school depends on the children in the school.


Answer by  emc13 (36)

DRTA is when students are encouraged to read through a specific section of text, and try to make predictions about what will happen next.Overall, a pretty good idea.

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