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What is life like on a working farm?

posted by  TimMullen(17)

Do big cats in the wild cover their dung?

posted by  Lef3430(7)

Which is better: An Abralon pad grit or Scotch Brite?

posted by  ar2192(8)

Is IBC root beer better than A&W?

posted by  CarolMowthorpe(49)

What is the best source of info for how religions differ?

posted by  Don28(2)

Is a motorcycle swingarm the same thing as a swing fork?

posted by  Pac(30)

How do Catholicism and Greek Orthodoxy compare?

posted by  worker6841(27)

What are the different types of palate expanders?

posted by  sonny23(16)

Are crockpots and slow cookers different?

posted by  WhatsHerName(41)

Is the Weider Crossbow gym better than a Bowflex?

posted by  IsabellaLinzy(111)

Which is better: Margarine or butter?

posted by  Tm(30)

Where can you drive a scooter that you can't drive a car?

posted by  aunatural(26)

What are the different types of wind generator motors?

posted by  youngsc(122)

Which is better: Oxford or Cambridge?

posted by  Puceau(19)

What is the difference between may and might?

posted by  hefito(226)

How can you use statistics to lie?

posted by  mstngpam(304)

What is the best country to live in?

posted by  emtrobstu(233)

Is a mammal's venom different from a snake's?

posted by  Bnbazel(16)

Was the neutron discovered or invented?

posted by  easif(38)

How are marxism, socialism and communism all different?

posted by  may(16)

Which spelling is correct: grey or gray?

posted by  Rlld(33)

What the difference between conductors and insulators?

posted by  Pod(39)

Which is more painful: being stabbed or being shot?

posted by  tribolumen(25)

How is life different in Canada than it is in the US?

posted by  helper84(35)

1st degree or 3rd degree: Which is worse?

posted by  eliza(32)

What are the advantages of technology?

posted by  George12(14)

How many pounds are in a kilogram?

posted by  swati(35)

What are some fun "would you rather" questions?

posted by  italiachick(20)

Are ping pong rules and tennis rules the same?

posted by  rfoltz33(217)

What are the similarities between mass and volume?

posted by  marcky012(18)

Who sold more albums: N Sync or Backstreet Boys?

posted by  Rian(52)

What is the difference between hydrocodone and vicodin?

posted by  wrestler88(192)

What is the difference between correlation and causation?

posted by  Montoney(5)

How does a white stock compare to a brown stock?

posted by  nelsonmichaelr(203)

What is the relationship between C-flat and B-sharp?

posted by  Kevin41(16)

Which is better, knitting or crocheting?

posted by  lindsay(111)

What's better, Apples or Pears?

posted by  elsewhen(627)

Wood or bamboo cutting boards - which are better?

posted by  elsewhen(627)

Are CFLs really better than regular light bulbs?

posted by  Anonymous

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