Question by  elsewhen (627)

Wood or bamboo cutting boards - which are better?

ideally, they should be cheap, last a long time, easy to clean and don't dull knife blades.


Answer by  Randy (29)

Bamboo cutting boards are by far the best. #1 they are more environmentally friendly, bamboo is actually a highly sustainable grass, so you are not contributing to the destruction of our forests. #2 they are harder then a regular wood cutting board so they last much longer and #3 since they are harder they resist mold and bacteria better.

Reply by elsewhen (627):
I agree that bamboo is good, but they do tend to dull knife blades quicker than wood. They are better than glass cutting boards in this respect, but not as good as wood or plastic.  add a comment

Answer by  eclecticarl (5)

Norman Weinstein, chef and knife skills instructor say bamboo cutting boards are to be avoided as they dull your knife much faster than maple or birch (hard adhesives and silicates that are part of the bamboo, a grass). Google Norman Weinstein; he has a knife skills video out.


Answer by  spinner7575 (26)

If you are looking for something very strong and durable that will last forever, go with bamboo. It can be inexpensive and very easy to clean as compared to just wood. If your knife started out sharp it should remain sharp. Wood creates more resistance and friction. Go bamboo.


Answer by  momofthreeandcounting (15)

I personally believe that cutting boards made out of wood or better. The reason being that germs don't have as many places to hide in and potentially make your family sick. The wooden board you can sanitize in a way to know that you and your family are safe.

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