Question by  Puceau (19)

Which is better: Oxford or Cambridge?


Answer by  DDeSoto (196)

Once you hit these levels of schools the school itself doesn't matter as much as the major. Figure out which school suits your major better.


Answer by  dhuoda (1431)

Academically both are universities excellent. Oxford scores slightly higher in some league tables for services overall, but Cambridge scores slightly higher in research and graduate prospects. The cities are also similar, with Oxford having closer links with London and more of an industrial background. Cambridge lies in a more rural area. It comes down to personal choice.


Answer by  brett29 (467)

it depends on what you what to study. They are both better for certain things. Oxford is more prestigious so i would have to give it to them.


Answer by  eyeguy (3760)

Oxford and Cambridge are both stellar schools. However if one must choose, Cambridge is a more educationally balanced institution. Oxford has outstanding sports programs. Its been a running joke that Oxford breeds jocks and Cambridge breeds CEO's.

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