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It a trip to the Florida Everglades worthwhile?

posted by  pammy(42)

Should I get a Japanese perm?

posted by  jen84(12)

Would you buy a used Ford Freestar SEL?

posted by  heliosdiem(36)

Would you recommend rustoleum use for boat hull?

posted by  sciencegeekgirl(20)

Is it okay to spank puppies?

posted by  velusamy(7)

Can a TV and fireplace be next to each other?

posted by  dluna1(33)

Should you send thank you letters after an interview?

posted by  KathyM(20)

Would you buy a used 6hp Johnson?

posted by  trish(40)

Could you give up eating meat?

posted by  apple(447)

Would you recommend buying used mink coats?

posted by  friend83(52)

What should I do with found treasure?

posted by  pumpkyn(25)

Do you think sacrificing one to save many is wrong?

posted by  Sarah(39)