would you


Question by  apple (447)

Could you give up eating meat?


Answer by  plynn (28)

Yes! There are many wonderful fruits and vegetables out there, grains, too. Meat just doesn't appeal to me any more. Did you know that even sprouts have 35% protein? You can get protein even on a vegan diet and not count calories. Many good restaurants will work with you.


Answer by  onecrore (196)

I could do it... the hardest thing is not the lack of meat, is just that most restaurants do not have good non-meat options. good vegetarian meals leave me completely satisfied, but they are not ubiquitous enough. if most restaurants had good vegetarian options i could switch immediately.


Answer by  whobesidesme (406)

Meat is good for you, in the right quantities. Besides, I always say vegetables are what food eats. :)


Answer by  clorede1 (37)

If I had to, I could do a lot of things that are harder than giving up meat, but I don't have to, nor do I want to. I like meat a lot.


Answer by  somerset (801)

I probably would not miss meat, as long as I do not have to give up fish, cheese and eggs.


Answer by  Wilson (32)

No, I love eating meat way too much to give it up and also, meat is part of a good diet since it provides a lot of protein required for a good health.


Answer by  Murasaki (21)

I could not give up eating meat willingly. If I have a choice, I will always eat meat. I have no moral qualms with it, and I understand the health ramifications and believe that eating meat can be done healthily.


Answer by  bjfu (19)

I could not give up eating meat. I feel it is necessary to eat a variety of different meats in order to remain healthy. I don't think you can get the same vitamins and nutrients from any other source.

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