Question by  fancypants (25)

My grandfather had a bottle of 1985 Dom Perignon in a closet so it's 25 years old. Can we drink it?

I'm not sure if it goes bad.


Answer by  msiegel (32)

You can drink it. It's more a question of whether it will be good - which you will know immediately upon opening it. If it smells bad, or is completely flat, unfortunately the seal has gone bad and the wine has spoiled. When storing wine, keep it cool, out of light, and angled down, so the cork stays moist.


Answer by  rbrim (72)

In general, yes you can drink it if the cork has not rotted. Once opened, if it smells like vinegar, it most definitely become rancid. Do not drink it. Good storage in low humidity and cool temperature and stored on its side are key to preserving it over a long period of time.


Answer by  Zaka (2315)

You should drink it immediately. The wine itself could withstand the storing, but the cork is not. If the cork has dried out, air seeped in damaging the wine.


Answer by  Janer (205)

Wine does not usually go bad in 25 years, especially a high quality brand such as Dom Perignon. Before drinking you may want to check out it's value.

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