would you


Question by  elsewhen (627)

If there was a swimming pool full of Nutella, would you jump in?

you know, the chocolatey, hazelnut spread.


Answer by  olio (11)

Only if I had floaties made of crepes!


Answer by  Anonymous

Hell yeah. Then I'd make a giant sandwich by rolling around on giant bread slices. Pass the jelly.


Answer by  ni33cole (20)

Heck no. . the smell of that stuff makes me want to yack... SORRY!!!!! =)

Reply by Hilo (9):
How could u not like nutella!?!?! It's delicious!!!!!!!  add a comment

Answer by  nating (37)

No. While I love Nutella as much as the next person (it's so good on a sweet bread, or even just by the spoonful), I think it would be virtually impossible to swim in Nutella. You'd either float on top, which wouldn't be so bad, or sink, which would be the death of you.


Answer by  allergymom (26)

No, I would not jump in it. One reason is that I don't really like Nutella. But, the main reason is that all three of my children are deathly allergic to tree nuts. Although this is me jumping in and not them, I'd be paranoid that I wouldn't get all of the traces off of me.


Answer by  steffie (42)

If there was a swimming pool of Nutella I would not jump in at all. I do not like Nutella so why would I be that adventurous to swim around in a hazelnut spread. Sure if it was a pool full of chocolate syrup I would take the plunge, but I don't like Hazelnut.

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