Question by  ganesh (84)

What kind of reality show would you be on if you had the chance?


Answer by  tschebyshev (252)

i think i could do well at a little-known reality show called solitary. they put the players in solitary confinement and give them different tasks. its mostly mental tasks that are terribly boring, repetitive, or frustrating. players can leave at any time, and the last one to remain, wins.


Answer by  cdolezal (37)

I'd like to be on a job reality show where contestants could try out different jobs in their areas of interest and expertise and see if they really liked them. I would like the outcome of the show to be that the best workers actually got the job of their dreams.


Answer by  lindsay (111)

Having been a teacher, I've always loved the idea of a teaching reality show. Make the contestants teach, prepare, supply, and manage a bunch of kids, while living on a teacher's salary and paying student loans! No one survives for long!


Answer by  Kristina (22)

I would be on the show Amazing Race. I used to be a large fan of this show but have recently stopped watching it. I enjoyed the show because I liked the fact that the contestants had the opportunity to experience different parts of the world. I liked that it gave you the chance to travel and see new things.


Answer by  Pineapple7 (260)

If I had the chance to be on a reality show, I would definitely choose to be on

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