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Question by  dluna1 (33)

Can a TV and fireplace be next to each other?

I want to put my TV on top of my fireplace, but I'm not sure if that's dangerous for TV's. I will be burning my fireplace when it gets cold.


Answer by  Alicia22 (34)

You can put a TV on top of a fireplace but it's not recommended. The hot air from burning the fire could harm your television. A stone or marble ledge will absorb heat. Also, make sure the mantle is thick and the TV doesn't hang over the edge.


Answer by  thattractorguy (2970)

Placing your tv else where may be a safer choice. While having the tv on top of the fireplace could work, it is more dangerous than safe. Televisions should be away from fireplaces and heaters because heat can be damaging to your television. You could put your television in a more suitable place and feel safer by doing so.


Answer by  AloysiusP72 (96)

Electronic equipment needs to stay well-ventilated and cool. In almost all cases, heat will rise from the fireplace, along with dust particles which can damage electronics. In addition, the chimney will heat as well. This is probably not the best place for your TV.


Answer by  moidzafar (18)

a TV and fireplace should not be next to each other as TV is connected to electricity it might burn your house to fire with electric shocks, its very dangerous. TV's are suppose to be kept in a cool dry place away from the fireplace. one should keep these things in mind.

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