Question by  heliosdiem (36)

Would you buy a used Ford Freestar SEL?

I think the price is pretty good.


Answer by  JW86 (10)

Ford Freestar SEL is one of the best deals for room and convenience of any mini vans. Many other mini vans of similar quality cost much more. There has been very few quality problems. The Freestar handle like a smaller car. It is easy to get around in traffic. The gas mile is decent for a vehicle of its size.


Answer by  jamie11 (604)

Yes, I would purchase a used Ford Freestar SEL, depending on the year and the miles. They are great vans and good on gas. Only thing I would want to see is a Carfax to see if any problems, and I would also have my mechanic check it out to make sure there isn't any problems that I can't see.


Answer by  Carman (10)

No I would not. Vans are over rated and not pleasing to the eye. For the price that you would spend on the van you could buy a small SUV used right around 11,000.


Answer by  lexuslady315 (635)

The only problem I have seen with the Ford brand is their engines they die alot so you might want to think about that,.

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