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Is the Nashville cost of living high or low?

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What is the longest time anyone has spent in bed?

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Why is Lake Chapala considered "Mexico wealthy"?

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What is the population of Tennessee?

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What countries have the highest crime rate?

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How many people with black hair have blue eyes?

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What is the worlds longest snake?

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Who is more creative, righties or lefties?

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What is the largest house in the United States?

posted by  heather88(1897)

What states have the most car accidents?

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What was Venice Italy's population in 2007?

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What is the population of Brazil?

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What are the demographics in Flowery Branch, GA?

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What is the data processing cycle?

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What percentages people have each blood type?

posted by  cary(111)

Is Maria Da Silva really the oldest woman to live?

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How do I find the crime rate by zip code?

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How many states are there in the United States?

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How much does wine consumption vary per country?

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How many people die each day?

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How many TVs are in the average American household?

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Do westerners have a great fear of death?

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How many people are afraid of spiders in the world?

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How many cattle are slaughtered each year?

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What is the life expectancy of countries around the world?

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What % of the population is undernourished in Tanzania?

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What is the population of Cambodia?

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What is the divorce rate among interracial marriages?

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What is the biggest baby ever?

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How many adults are there in the United States?

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How frequently do married couples make love?

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Do people live in Antartica?

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What is the population of the USA?

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How many people live in NYC?

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What are some ways I can find where someone lives?

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What is the largest landlocked United States City?

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How many countries speak English?

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What do the terms race and ethnicity mean to you?

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How many people are there in the world?

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What is the GDP per capitia by country?

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What states have the smallest population?

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What are the origins of European people?

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Where can I find information about household income by race?

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Which is the richest country in eastern Africa?

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