Question by  gsingle123 (37)

What is the largest landlocked United States City?

I need informaiton on the largest land locked city in the United States?


Answer by  Zoso (869)

Depends on your definition of land-locked. The largest without a sea coast is Chicago, but Chicago has gigantic Lake Michigan. The largest without a sea coast or big lake is Philadelphia, but Philly sits on the banks of the navigable Delaware River. The largest without any significant naturally-occurring water at all is Phoenix.


Answer by  rhanaway (14)

I believe Phoenix is the largest landlocked city although structly speaking Chicago may also fall into this category even though its on the edge of a great lake


Answer by  Anonymous

Yes Chicago and Philly are not land locked because the Delaware River and Lake Michigan are both major waterways. This is due not only to their size but also because of their navigable outlet into a major ocean or sea. Phoenix, AZ is 1st, then Indianapolis, IN is 2nd largest.


Answer by  Anonymous

Dallas Texas is because of its large metro area. This is fact not opinion based on what a landlock truly is.


Answer by  Anonymous

Dallasadd your own answer here


Answer by  jkrynicki (0)

Indianapolis, IN is the largest landlocked city in the world. The reason its so big is because of the massive amounts of railroads going in and out of the city.

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