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What does TMZ stand for on Harvey Levin's celebrity gossip show?

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What does prn mean?

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What are some acronyms?

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What does the term LO mean in music?

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What does LOL stand for and what does it mean?

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What does ESPN stand for?

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In computer programming what is PPT?

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What is the British raf symbol?

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What does "pm" stand for?

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What does BCE stand for?

What does "dancing" around each other mean?

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What does e.g mean?

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What does the abbreviation ie mean?

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How do you pronounce seurat?

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What is the plural of the word surname?

Is thirdly a word?

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What does E.G. mean?

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What does SS stand for?

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What does NISM mean?

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What are some good adjectives that describes a person?

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What is another word for garden?

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What does Q1 stand for?

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What does a.d. stand for?

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What does the acronym FROG mean?

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What is the meaning of ekadashi?

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What does GOP stand for?

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