Question by  constitutionalscholar (19)

What does BCE stand for?

I have seen the abbreviation bce a great deal in the recent past.


Answer by  BlueEyes3b5 (121)

The BCE term truly is more often known for the Before Christ term than for the military one mentioned. For years BC was used but in our more politically correct era someone came up with BCE to satisfy those people who are not Christians, primarily writers believe it or not.


Answer by  GinaD (400)

I'm assuming you saw this abbreviation in relation to dates in history. It usually means "Before the Christian Era," meaning the years before the ones we commonly number 1-2009+. We used to use BC, "Before Christ". I guess that was not a very inclusive term, so they changed it to BCE.


Answer by  jclick (1561)

BCE stands for Before the Common Era. Most historians now use this notation instead of BC because of the religious origins of BC (Before Christ).


Answer by  MablesTime (138)

I see someone already mentioned the Before Christian Era meaning but I thought the time frame was interesting too. BCE is related to time frames at least 2,000 years old. I found it fascinating knowing how many years have really passed in terms of Christianity and hope you do.

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I think that's a pretty neat fact!  add a comment

Answer by  SouthernBelle (66)

The term BCE is used by global security and it means battlefield coordination element. This has to do with Army Command and military operations. It was created to work as an Army liaison team in the United States Air Force Tactical Center with the 3rd Battlefield Coordination Detachment in Korea.

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