Question by  PfcxFlynn (19)

What does prn mean?


Answer by  mlh56880 (84)

Prn means as needed, and is mainly used in the medical field. Prn staff works as needed by the facility. Drugs ordered prn means to take the drug as needed.


Answer by  Brandon48 (41)

PRN is typically used in the medical field. It stands for "Pro Rae Nada". It means that you work as needed. It is usually an hourly position with no benefits. The amount of time worked can vary depend on the need and position. It is possible to work full time hours and still be PRN.


Answer by  sar (227)

PRN is usually used by doctors and other health professionals when they write prescriptions. It is Latin for "pro re nata" which means "as needed" or "as the circumstances require. "


Answer by  danigre (22)

It stands for "pro re nata," which is Latin for "for that which is born. " It's usually used in terms of writing a prescription and is meant to describe medication which is to be taken "as needed" (i. e. not on a scheduled basis) at the discretion of the patient or caregiver.

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