Question by  mcmario2007 (786)

What does e.g mean?

I do not understand in what context e.g. is used.


Answer by  soundoff (121)

e. g. is Latin for 'exampli gratia' which does indeed mean for example. As an alternative i. e. means 'that is' in English, 'id est' in Latin. Use e. g. to list examples and i. e. to restate the concept you're trying to define. 'Automobiles e. g. Ford' 'Ploughing i. e. turning over the soil. '


Answer by  shaunhaines (131)

The term "e. g. " simply means "for example. " You see it many times when, well, someone is giving an example. "I like vegetables, e. g. , carrots and celery. "


Answer by  worker704487 (19)

It comes from "exempli gratia", which is a latin expression. It has the same meaning as "for example", and can be used as a synonym

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