Question by  shannab (117)

With a prepaid phone can you get free incoming texts?

I just got a prepaid phone.


Answer by  Binome (1975)

Not to my knowledge. Every prepaid phone plan I've ever seen in North America charges for receiving texts, though usually the fractions of minutes are usually only deducted when the message is opened, rather than when it is received. Generally, messaging fees in the U. S. are a complete and total rip-off, considering how cheap it actually is for the company.


Answer by  CustomerServiceGirl (9)

Depends on your service provider. Most companies offer unlimited text messages for a daily fee. Then each day that amount of money will be removed from your total remaining balance, but you would be able to use text messages as much as you like. Check with your provider.


Answer by  Boppy (58)

It depends on the phone and the plan when it was bought. Do a search on the Internet for the brand name of your phone and look up the plan.

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