Question by  aj12 (1)

What kind of turtle do I have?

it has sharp nails the side of him is red and he has a yellow head


Answer by  Nancy89 (50)

The red eared slider has been already mentioned but I thought you might like a description. They tend to be the most popular turtle for pets. They sometimes breed with the yellow eared slider which will cause red stripes down the side. They have short sharp nails if that helps.


Answer by  NessieGirl (103)

You could have a yellow faced turtle but that depends on where you live. This particular turtle can be found in Australia and New Guinea. The head strip is a pale yellow, the eye has no spots in it and the iris is a bright yellow with a black pupil.

Reply by RoyalT (116):
There is also the Diamond turtle which very closely resembles the yellow faced turtle. They both have yellow on the head and a dark red on the sides. You can distinguish them by their eyes primarily. The Diamond turtle is found in New Zealand, Australia and New Guinea most times.  add a comment

Answer by  chynagirl (25)

You have a yellow-headed side-neck turtle o a red-eared slider. It is endangered and vulnerable so be careful! But they are a popular kind of water turtle. They are very fast and swim well so unless they trust you they may run if you approach them at all.

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