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How can I calm a scared rabbit?


Answer by  davelang (235)

Give him a carrot! Rabbits love delicious red, little, fresh carrots to munch on when frightened. This will calm him down long enough to scoop up the little critter and take him home.

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omg! It worked! Thanks so much! My little rabbit was scared to DEATH! She fell from my height and she got stuck behind her brother's cage. She breathed harshly so I gave her a carrot she's enjoying right now. She's all better THANKS once again! You rock  add a comment

Answer by  Anonymous

Also, be careful, rabbits can scare themselves to death. Calming them is very important. Rabbits can also get gut stasis, which is very fatal, when they are in shock. Bring your bunny to the vet if he gets TOO scared. You'll never know, you could save his life!


Answer by  Anonymous

Give it hay/something nice to eat e.g. carrot/banana/raisins but not too much! Stroke his head and his back slowly. Give him a box with cut out sides if he wants to hide. Having a companion usually helps best! Don't scare him any further.


Answer by  Anonymous

what i normally do to calm my rabbit down is i hold it gently and stroke it, i also talk to it in a very soft voice.


Answer by  Alexis (27)

Place the rabbit in a box with some old clothes, some water and some food where there isn't too much noise it should soon calm down. Don't handle the rabbit too much as this may make it more scared.


Answer by  Anonymous

my bunny had a "freakout" so i put her in her cage with her sister and she imediatly stopped shaking


Answer by  ninjanana (27)

This depends on if it's a pet or wild rabbit.If it's a pet ,put it on your lap and hold it.Gently caress it between it's ears and very softly sing Amazing Grace .If it's wild ,put some natural material,in a small box.Put the rabbit in the box and for about 30 minutes.


Answer by  jane (1)

there are two ways to calm a scared rabbit one is to let it go. and let it calm itself down. the other is to hold it till it get use to you and rub it so it know your trying to be friendly


Answer by  Anonymous

cover her eyes with your hand to make sure your bunny is in complete darkness.

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