Question by  kurigami (31)

What are the dimensions of the goal in professional soccer?


Answer by  soccerchic (14)

The dimensions of a professional size soccer goal are 8 feet high by 24 feet wide. An easy way to remember this is 8 yards wide by 8 feet high. NCAA college soccer goals, as well as high school soccer goals are the same size as a professional size soccer goal.


Answer by  lhart24 (64)

The dimensions of the goal in professional soccer are 8 foot high by 24 foot wide. The same is true for the dimensions of the soccer goal in high school soccer. College soccer however has smaller goals. They are typically 7 foot high by 21 foot wide. Checking the local rule book will provide insight into what is accepted.


Answer by  Soccerchick (11)

There are no internationally set standard dimensions for a soccer goal. Although the most popular design is the World Cup Style goal. The size is 8 by 24 feet.


Answer by  smcarrion (7)

The goal in professional soccer, area of goalkeeper, is a space delimited by 3 iron bars, with structure's back covered by a net. Each of the bars have from 8 to 11 centimeters of thickness. The two lateral bars are 244 centimeters high, and the horizontal bar is 732 centimeters wide.


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