Question by  elsewhen (627)

Why is soccer so popular as a kids sport, but not at the professional level? (in the U.S.)

I know that the MLS exists, but it is not nearly as popular as the other professional leagues.


Answer by  Anonymous

Hi I´m from Germany. Soccer is our no. one favourite sport here, the same in England. Here it would be dangerous to say things like "sissy sport" and "no skills are needed". I am not offended because I think it´s boring, too ;)


Answer by  VictoriaWallace (51)

I believe soccer is so popular as a kids sport because it is highly available and supported my most communities and schools. It looses it's popularity at a professional level because there isn't televised as much as other sports like football, basketball or baseball.


Answer by  shego (255)

Soccer is popular for kids because anyone can play. No special skills are needed and it's rarely aggressive. Adults however, love their violence. Soccer holds no charms for sports fans because it's boring to watch; there's rarel conflict and it's a 'sissy' sport.

Reply by altrae (2):
You've obviously never played... Soccer is one of the most intensive sports in the world, and it takes more skill than you can probably muster in any area of your closed-minded life.  add a comment

Answer by  mile (15)

i think the soccer is not so popular in u.s. at the professional level because u.s.a. has a own sports who is trademark in the world like NBA,NHL... and football or soccer is some kind alternative sport for kids until they grow up and start wit national pride sports like NBA or some other trademark sport.


Answer by  Anonymous

I grew up loving soccer. I've lived in the USA since my young age - I love Amrican football, basketball, baseball not so much, but soccer? It is my number one sport - it is fascinating, absorbing and very very competitive - main reason for its popularity.

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