Question by  TheInterrogator (51)

What are some tips for getting into professional soccer?


Answer by  costessey (39)

Do not wait for professional soccer clubs to contact you - contact the clubs yourself asking them to assess you. You have more chance of getting noticed this way.


Answer by  Daniel99 (16)

Get out there and play! Play soccer with friends, play pick-up games, and join a club team if you can. Join your high school team and look for a good division one soccer school after high school. This is the most traditional way to get into professional soccer in America.


Answer by  smozie (31)

you have to be naturally talented at it and hope to be spotted by a scout.. dedication from a young age will work to your advantage, but you have to be born with it to stand any chnace at making it professional... dedication is the KEY!!


Answer by  emmitflesti (24)

You start by getting into a minor league soccer team or in your school's team, you must practice everyday all kind of shots, have dominion over the ball and exercise yourself. Probably during the course of the games there will be scouts looking for talent and luckily they'll see you.


Answer by  alz (2329)

Soccer is a sport to pick up at a very young age. From there, start playing on travel teams and Olympic Development programs. These will help you get noticed by college scouts, which is the first step towards becoming a pro.


Answer by  21thunderbird (13)

To get in professional Soccer you need to have a passion for this sport. People who play since they are little kids have certainly an advantage.

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