Question by  Chino (8)

How can I achieve my goal of becoming professional soccer player?


Answer by  ringneck (394)

You should practice a great deal and learn as many of the fundamentals as you possible can. You should play on an organized team to continue to develop your skills.


Answer by  MEME17 (23)

In order to become a professional soccer player you must start to practice at a young age, for various reasons, soccer players usually retire in their early 30s unto of that they come from all over the world so in order to become a professional you need to definitely be outstanding.


Answer by  bulrich777 (45)

Most professional soccer players get recognized at an early age. In England many players are looked at when they are under the age of 13 even. Go there and shine.


Answer by  Chino (8)

well i think you should go out and enter any soccer clubs and see if that helps or just what until a team needs a player and try out

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