Question by  bamasbear (20)

How high is a regulation basketball goal?

I want to build a regulation goal at my house.


Answer by  falconsqb6 (54)

Regulation basketball goals are 10 feet high. This height is used in high school, college, and professional leagues. Good luck.


Answer by  seventysixers (23)

I understand you want to build a regulation basketball goal at your house. The standard height for a regulation basketball goal is 10 feet. This is the norm for high school, college, and NBA (professional) basketball.


Answer by  Puceau (19)

A regulation basketball goal, called the basket, is in most level of competition exactly 10 feet from the ground. It must be the steel basket that is 10 feet above the court and not the board. It may be considered important that the correct height is respected because it may affect a player's performance.


Answer by  Brett (7986)

The official height of a basketball net from floor to rim is 10 feet. This is standard height for all ages right up until the NBA!


Answer by  jpw (33)

A regulation basketball goal is exactly 10 feet from the ground to the rim. The free throw line is 15 feet from the backboard. You can buy poles that have adjustable heights to allow you to lower it for small kids to play on and then raise it back to 10 feet for regulation games.

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