Question by  TwoDocs (24)

What are some types of back injuries to dogs?


Answer by  Katie1102 (76)

There are several types of back injuries a dog can suffer. Chronic pain from arthritis is common. More serious injuries such as a herniated disc may require expensive surgery. Dogs suffering from traumatic back injuries may have life-long nerve damage. This nerve damage may be mild causing subtle altering of their gait while others may lose the ability to walk.


Answer by  mammakat (11147)

Most common back injuries are caused by inbreeding problems. Otherwise, you may have problems due to insufficient exercise or nutrition.


Answer by  Lottadogs (1258)

Common back problems include disc issues where the disc bulges and puts pressure on the nerves. This is often seen in the neck and in the lower lumbar region. A fibrocartilaginous embolism in the spine can cause sudden loss of leg use. Arthritis can cause back pain too.


Answer by  woofly (12)

Dogs sometimes injure their backs by jumping off a high location, such as a porch. In their enthusiasm to run and play, they often don't take a moment to assess the risk. As a result, they hit the ground in an awkward way, resulting in injury to their back.


Answer by  yurimura (17)

Back injuries to dogs can occur in many ways, like dog fights or being hit by a car, other causes can be genetic predisposition, disk degeneration, injury or even cancer.


Answer by  tjwltrs (109)

Herniated discs from being overweight, slipped discs from jumping onto or off of high surfaces, and ligament damage from being hit are a few examples.


Answer by  Vicki87 (436)

Dogs can have herniated discs, sometimes back problems are simply a case of sore muscles. Overweight dogs are more likely to have back problems than smaller ones. You can check your dogs "placing response" to determine weather it's a muscle or disc problem.


Answer by  Ken75 (5)

Dogs can be injured by lots of things. Among the more grotesque injuries are car accidents, animal abuse, or another accident of some sort. Others can be caused by illness, or a pre-existing condition.


Answer by  bill58 (5)

Like a person, a dog can be afflicted by a herniated disk - these gel like disks cushion and protect the spine but as they age can bulge and cause pain.


Answer by  doggygirl (141)

Dogs can suffer from the same types of back injuries that we get. Injuries such as muscle strains from playing too hard, fractures, and slipped discs (where the soft disc between two vertebrae protrudes and pushes on the spinal cord). Dogs can also get infections or cancer of the back. Tests are required to determine the cause. Contact your veterinarian.


Answer by  Mkate (4)

A dog may pull a muscle or dislocate a disk in their back. They could also develop a spinal tumor. A dog may injure its spine causing a spinal fracture.

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