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Question by  Nick67 (29)

What is common treatment for a back injury located at dis 6 and 7?

I have a back injury between disc 6 and 7.


Answer by  antinus (46)

The best type of treatment for an injury arond the neck is total inmobilization, cold pad until further information is available as to how serious the injury is.


Answer by  kgrim (510)

The type of treatment will vary whether it is in your cervical spine - 7 verterbre - or thoracic spine - 12 verterbre. If it's a ruptured/fractured/slipped disc a possible fusion and physical therapy. If it is a basic disc buldge then probably physical therapy to strengthen the surrounding muscles.


Answer by  star4024 (11)

Treatment an injury at disc 6 and 7 depends on the severity. Minor injuries are treated with anti-inflammatory drugs and the application of cold compresses. Severe injuries require surgery.


Answer by  worker8740 (33)

Lumbar back injuries are usually treated with physical therapy. Severe injuries may require surgical intervention, such as a fusion of the discs or a laminectomy. Treatment depends on the severity as well as the overall health of the patient


Answer by  anonynurse (40)

Back injuries can be tricky. Common treatments would include putting ice on the site for the first 24 hours, using non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications and then heat to loosen the muscles after the first 24 hours. However, you should see a medical professional to rule out any serious damage.

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