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Question by  ez (187)

What are some natural pain killers for dogs?

I know I can't share my aspirin with my dog, but he has a leg injury and we can't afford a prescription for him. What can I try to give him to ease the pain?


Answer by  beautyofarose (76)

I would never advise anyone to give your dog any drug unless you seek advice from a veterinarian. I would recommend comfort measures, and restricting dog's activities.


Answer by  mrkrinkle (77)

My vet recommends that I give my dogs an over the counter antihistamine. It may not have much of a pain releiver but the qualities of the product could aleiviate swelling and help the animal with possible irratants that could be worsening the situation.


Answer by  Anonymous

Natural Fish pills are a good antiinflammatory pill and you can give up to 4 to 6 a day and also glucosimine with chondroitin is also very good for limps. Give daily.

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